Commies launch “Operation own goal” this weekend #edl #woolwich

This Saturday all over the UK people will be marching to War Memorials and Cenotaphs to lay flowers in respect for Lee Rigby. Scum like pathetic comedian Eddy Izzard, Hope not Hate and the UAF are rallying their scruffy followers to come out and disrupt these events and attack people. Large numbers of the people attending these shows of respect will be newcomers, people who have never had anything to do with the EDL or any other groups previously, but who now see what our point is.

These people will get a crash course in left wing extremism as they see hordes of squatter types and silly students screaming vile abuse at people who are peacefully laying flowers. It will be a baptism of fire for a lot of people, but one things for sure, these people will see the left for exactly what they are, and thats a good thing.

Respect to everyone who attends these marches, we are proud of you all NFSE


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