Commies reduced to making up their own material and failing badly #edl #woolwich

The scum of the left aren’t getting as many screenshots these days, as people wise up and tighten their security on facebook. Many of us have removed people from friends who cannot be bothered to ensure their accounts are troll free and we routinely block Commies and have told people not to argue with trolls as its what they live for. Without us going into their rooms and arguing with them, they are reduced to pointless chats and abuse, which we don’t even bother reading any more. It makes what they do pointless. The whole point of left wing trolls is to waste your time, try and affect your morale with endless childish insults, divert you from what you should be doing, ie fighting for our cause, protesting and spreading the word, and to get you angry so you threaten them and they can then screenshot what you said and try to get you arrested.

When you go in their arguing with them you also expose yourself to them so they can report you for things you said and try to get you banned. Don’t read the pathetic shit they write, and go into their groups only to block the twats. Thats the way forward.

This is working to such an extent that they are now reduced to making up their own material, and are doing a half baked job of it. On Twitter, where we used to argue with them, we now just wait till they message us, then block and report for spam. You see them desperately putting out insults, screaming out for a reply and we just ignore them and carry on spreading our word. Its great being us.

Recently they have set up a fake Twitter @EDLCardiff set up yesterday with 6 followers where they are tweeting English stuff. Commies are then falling over themselves to point out to what they think is a dull EDL’r, that Cardiff is in Wales. This is hours of entertainment for them but the fact is, none of our Welsh lot have set this up, so they did it themselves. When you have to create your own material, times are hard.

Then they set up a fake blog, full of spelling mistakes and idiotic mentions of the Lee Rigby murder and how great it is. Its obviously done by them as a joke, but the silly twats who frequent their page actually believe its an EDL blog, thats how thick THEY are. Others realise its fake and tell the admin that taking the piss out of Lee Rigbys murder is quite frankly not funny. A “peaceful” Muslim even pops in with homophobic hatred. DOH

An epic Commie fail all round. Remember people, don’t argue with them, just block them. If we ignore them they absolutely hate it. We aren’t here to entertain the mentally ill. Leave them jabber pointlessly among themselves. Idiots

NFSE Katie


What an utter fail

What an utter fail


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